Improving market readiness of smallholder farmers practicing 

non-pesticide management(NPM) of agriculture. 

Realizing the importance of Non-Pesticidal Management (NPM) for the holistic development of poor communities, BRLF, a funding agency with a focus on the backward regions of Central and Eastern India, have adopted the strategy of promoting NPM as one of the mandatory component in their support for all the projects supported by them.


Initial support was given to their NGO partners for adoption of NPM production practices. As a result of this strategy, the NGO partners have promoted adoption of NPM methods with a sizable number of small farmers in their working locations. As a next step to incentivize the NPM farmers in terms of assured markets and prices for NPM produce by building NPM value chains, support was given for improving the market readiness of the NPM farmers through this project.

This project, implemented by NPM Network and Social Education Economical Development Society (SEEDS), has the following specific objectives: 


To strengthen the capacities of inexperienced partners, who are advocating NPM, to promote community based, producer-led Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).

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To enhance the market preparedness of partners who are already promoting FPCs and open up for them, the possibility of working at scale to connect farming communities with organized markets.

This project, which was initiated in October 2018, supports 22 NGO partners of the BRLF who are currently practicing NPM. Of the 22 partners, nine are located in Madhya Pradesh (4), Maharashtra (1), Rajasthan (1), Jharkhand (1), Gujarat (1) and West Bengal (1) and 13 in  Koraput, Sambalpur, Keonjhar, Kalahandi, Deogarh, Boudh, Bolangir & Nuapada districts in Odisha.


While most of the partners focus on adoption of NPM approach in non-perishable crops, some partners also focus on vegetable crops. Some of these partners have been promoting FPOs, while the others do not have adequate experience. Based on the existing capacities of the partners, SEEDS and the NPM Network have been taking the following interventions to address their specific needs and empower them towards becoming market-ready:


Capacity building of partners on FPO formation and strengthening 


Research, documentation and policy advocacy on NPM


Improving market readiness of partners & creation of market for NPM produce 


Training in and Monitoring of NPM Practices adopted by Agricultural Production Clusters in Odisha