Non-Pesticidal Management (NPM) approach is one of the alternative agriculture and food system approaches, which aims to promote pesticide-free, safe, ecologically robust and resilient local and regional production systems and food chains. The frequency and virulence of pest attacks in crops and the resulting crop losses have increased in the post-Green Revolution era (Dhaliwal et al. 2010, 2015; Krishnaiah, K., and N. R. G. Varma. 2012). But the use of synthetic chemical pesticides for pest control, which was promoted as part of the Green Revolution has resulted in serious negative impacts on human health, biodiversity and ecological services, and an unnecessary economic burden to the farmers.


Pesticide-free food systems

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Overview of NPM Approach

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indigenous pest management practices

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Understanding Pests & Pest Management

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Issues related to synthetic agriculture

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NPM Production Related Technologies

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Research related to NPM